The Bora Bora Cay
Group Purchase Program

Bora Bora Cay has launched the first group purchase resort development in the Philippines that enables buyers to realize significant savings on land acquisition and villa development costs through the power of group buying.

The company is teaming up with a top-tier construction management firm, who will build the tropical beachside villas and estate amenities for the purchasers at actual cost. This innovative program will substantially lower total costs for all buyers, as there is no middlemen or project sponsor profiting by driving up development costs. The group purchase program provides buyers with total transparency of all development costs involved - since as a group buyer you are the project developers - and all costs will be fully disclosed to the group.

The estimated cost to build the private beachside villas is US$ 750 per square meter. The cost for building the infrastructure, amenities, and common areas will be shared equally amongst all estate owners - currently estimated at a maximum of US$ 10,000 per residential lot. As an example, total cost for a luxury 75 square meter villa will be around $115,000 with all costs included.

The tropical beachside villas are selectively sited on 500 square meter beautifully-landscaped homesteads and are easily within your means. Phase 1 prices for the first 25 lots are offered at only US$ 49,500 - a significant savings of almost 1/2 the cost per square meter compared to other local developments. Phase 2 prices will rise to $74,500 as per our contract with the seller of the land.

Group buyers can secure the residential lots with a down payment of US$ 10,000, which will be deposited into an escrow account through one of the top 3 law firms in the Philippines. Construction will begin after securing the first 25 buyers to ensure economies of scale that maximizes the cost savings for residents and all deposits are fully refundable if the development does not commence.