Bora Bora Cay provides residents and guests with a wide range of estate-based leisure activities, including tropical pool and spa, fitness center, tennis courts and aquatic sports, as well as convenient access to nearby recreational and ecotourism attractions. With its high-speed ferries and custom-fitted touring vans, residents can experience all the popular and scenic local attractions.

Tablas island is blessed with beautiful natural landscapes, breathtaking tranquil seascapes and a rich biodiverse ecology inhabited by an array of aquatic, coral and floral species. From renowned marine parks, where visitors can swim and snorkel amongst the native marine life, to leisurely hikes among the countryside, where sightseers can view mountain vistas, meandering rivers, exotic lakes and cascading waterfalls, to open water sports, where guests can scuba dive, snorkel and kayak among the pristine gin blue waters, to the white sand beaches and exhilarating nightlife of nearby Boracay, residents and guests will have it all within easy reach of their secluded tropical paradise.

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Bora Bora Cay actively supports sustainable tourism that preserves the environment and improves the welfare of the local community. Our guided tours and day trips promote low impact natural and recreational activities that showcase the richness of the island's biodiversity and natural beauty of its habitats, landscapes and seascapes. Excursions include a wide range of sightseeing activities, including hiking amongst tropical island refuges and verdant rainforest canopies and swimming and snorkeling amidst placid tropical lagoons and lakes.

Marine Parks

Bora Bora Cay is located near several marine parks, offering residents easy access to underwater refuges, where they can swim and snorkel in the waters surrounded by a diverse collection of tropical marine life, multihued coral reefs and colorful underwater fauna.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Bora Bora Cay is teaming up with leading dive operators to offer specially-arranged diving tours right from the resort grounds and accompany guests to some of the world's most beautiful diving sites, providing a truly unique underwater diving experience amongst coral reefs, blue holes, underwater caves and abundant tropical marine life.


Bora Bora Cay is conveniently located near the world renown white sand beaches and exhilarating nightlife of Boracay.

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